CCTV-America Full Frame Close-Up: A Modern Renaissance Man

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CCTVTweetCCTV America is featuring me on their program, Full Frame, hosted by Mike Walter, on Saturday, April 4th at 7pm. I was interviewed in my art studio by producer Sahar Sarshar last year about my two passions, art and medicine, and how each profession enhances and enriches the other. If you miss the airdate, the story will be available online at Be sure to watch and tweet, tweet!! My handle is @ericfinzi. Thanks!!

The show airs on Saturday at 7pm on CCTV America:

Washington, DC metro area: Comcast 273, Cox 472, RCN 32, Verizon FiOS 458, MHz 30.3

New York: Time Warner 221, FiOS 277

Los Angeles: Time Warner 155, Charter 562

DISH Network 279

Here’s what they have on the CCTV-America website to promote my story:

Full Frame Close-Up: A Modern Renaissance Man

Dr. Eric Finzi is a board certified dermasurgeon who spends his free-time creating beautiful works of art. For Dr. Finzi, his two passions are merely tools for making a difference in people’s lives.

On this week’s Close-Up, we visit Dr. Finzi at his medical practice, as well as his very unique art studio, to get a glimpse of how two very different worlds can collide to create meaningful works of lasting beauty.



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