FEEL Reviewed in SFAQ International Arts & Culture

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Art critic Kathryn McKinney reviews Eric Finzi’s solo show, FEEL in San Francisco at the Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art gallery. Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

Art and madness have been linked in a cliche so old, it’s almost biblical. In Eric Finzi’s “Feel” (up for a limited engagement at Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art) the subject is not the artist, as often is, but the case study of Augustine drawn from medical history, an inmate/patient of the infamous Salpêtrière Hospital in 19th century Paris. During her incarceration for hysteria she was subjected to experimental treatments (rather, torture), as well as extensive photographic observation of her “hysterical” reactions to treatment.  Finzi captures this history in the exhibition of paintings in epoxy, resin and pigment, his use of medical tools in the process (a style of painting with a syringe) a practical cross-over from his practice as a dermatological surgeon.

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