Finzi-Contini Giardino Opening Friday, 10/24 at Linda Warren Projects

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Primavera memory, 84 x 65, epoxy on wood,2014Join me for my latest solo show opening,”Finzi-Contini Giardino,” Friday, October 24th, 6:30pm at Linda Warren Projects, 327 N. Aberdeen, Suite 151 in Chicago, Illinois. The series will be exhibited through December 6, 2014.  It’s a very personal series, depicting my ancestry and family history. Here is my artist statement about the pieces I created using epoxy resin:

Each human journey, like a sapling growing in the forest, is unique.  What does it mean to be a human, deposited, like pigments flowing in epoxy resin, in different cultures while escaping systemic persecution. How does it feel to hear the shattering of glass, the implosion of your world, as a 13 year old witnessing Kristallnacht? How does one reconcile the life of privilege, the life of expectations, the life of renown, with the need for utter silence, the need for invisibility.

My father’s journey, as memorialized in the book and movie, The Garden of the Finzi-Continis, is retold through the lens of fluid epoxy resin and fragile glass. A world where the innocence of tennis meets the world of denial. A world where a Jewish Botticelliesque angel casts roses as she descends the stairs and visualizes the fading image of her beautiful Finzi. A world where a Finzi frowns when reality shatters his idyllic garden. A world where only the birds flying indoors are untouched by the scene around them. A world where only narcotized, chaotic epoxy resin can capture, like ancient amber fragments, the life of a lost Finzi world.    ~Eric Finzi

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