FLOW Group Show at American Center for Physics through Oct 16, 2015

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There was a great turnout this week for the FLOW group show at The American Center for Physics. Special thanks to guest curator, Sarah Tanguy, who assembled a broad range of artistic approaches in the works of eight artists, including my own nine paintings. The work of photographer J.W. Mahoney and Washington Glass School artists Allegra Marquart, Syl Mathis, Debra Ruzinsky, co-founders Tim Tate and Erwin Timmers, Audrey Wilson and my own work engage in transformational and experimentational art, as we all explore the principle of fluid motion and its applications, at times with unpredictable outcomes.

While scientists and engineers have long tackled the problem of turbulence and its impact on the flow of physics of liquids and gases – the experience of flow pervades everyday life from the passage of blood through our bodily vessels to that of water running out from a tap, each one of us in FLOW are drawn to the marvels of certain materials as they transition from one state to another.

“Exploiting the malleability of natural phenomena and materials, the artists in FLOW elicit wonder in works that draw far reaching human parallels. As we explore the cycle of life and the vicissitudes of change, the final destination, rich in possibilities, remains as yet unknown.” Sarah Tanguy

The group show is open to the public through October 16, 2015 in The American Center for Physics Gallery, One Physics Ellipse, College Park, Maryland. For viewing information, call Eva Adams at 301-209-3125 or go to acp.org.

Eric Finzi art sales inquiries, contact Linda Warren, Linda Warren Projects, Chicago, IL

Washington Glass artists sales inquiries, contact Washington Glass School, Washington, DC

JW Mahoney sales contact mahoneyjw@mac.com


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