Happy Darwin Day!

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Lacemaker, 48 x 39, epoxy on wood, by Eric Finzi

Lacemaker, 48 x 39, epoxy on wood, by Eric Finzi

Today is a day to honor one of the greatest men who ever lived, Charles Darwin. We all know about his seminal work on evolution. The world, and our understanding of it has never been the same.

But what many of us are unaware of is his magnificent contribution to the field of facial expression, emotion and human behavior. His 1872 best selling masterpiece, “The expression of emotions in man and animals”, correctly predicted most of what we know about facial expression. Without Darwin, I would not have begun my research on how our facial expressions feed back to the brain, influencing our mood.

Soon, I and Dr. Norman Rosenthal shall publish the results of the largest randomized, controlled trial assessing the effect of inhibiting frowning with botulinum toxin on major depression. Thank you Mr Darwin! In your honor I have made this painting of a lacemaker!

In honor of Darwin’s 205th Birthday today there’s been some Darwin news:

Washington Post Religion section: How American’s Celebrate Charles Darwin’s Birthday by Kimberly Winston

HBO’s new documentary Questioning Darwin airing February 2014

Wikipedia Charles Darwin Bio

My book, Face of Emotion, How Botox Affects Our Moods & Relationships, explains my theory and motivation for the Botox to Treat Depression study coming out in April, 2014, published by the Journal of Psychiatric Research. Purchase via Amazon.
The Face of Emotion


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