Recap of Art Basel Miami 2013

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My art caught the eye of this blogger who posted photos of my paintings in a Recap of Art Basel Miami 2013. Here’s an excerpt of what they had to say about Aqua Art Fair, and a link to the post.

Aqua art fair was interesting. It had its ups and downs. I know most people I spoke to really enjoyed it, however it was not my personal favorite. I found the spaces crammed and small. Each gallery had its own small room, like a hotel room, and the fair spanned two floors of the Aqua Hotel. The hotel had an outdoor atrium around which were the spaces of the galleries. I was just thankful it did not rain. There were of course some bright stars just like at any fair. This was definitely a satellite fair for galleries in the more obscure areas of the United States such as Arizona, Missouri, Massachusetts, Georgia, etc. They seemed like those long distance relatives that you only get to see on holidays.

Some of the eye catchers were Marie-Eve Proteau, Mari Kim, Eric Finzi, and Matt Lively. Just to name a few.

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